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5 I AM (5-MeO-DMT) is receiving an injection (IM) of 5 (what some have come to call the God molecule, amongst other names). This molecule, apparently endogenous (naturally occurring in the system) to the human body, is taken to elicit and reveal the nature of being, a process that often results in ineffable states that are realisations of self, Self and that which is beyond and encompasses the Self–Spirit.

These states of self-realisations can either catalyse or accelerate a path or process of self-actualisation.

In a private setting that is at once therapeutic and ceremonial, the substance is used as a leveraging tool to reveal the direct experience of Spirit. That is the potential realisation. The actualisation is what occurs around and after the experience. This is where a therapeutic approach to that event is of assistance: bringing an ephemeral state into a durable stage.

5 I AM = 5-MeO-DMT via IntraMuscular (IM)

therapy + ceremony = theramony

This route of administration (ROA) is approached in the same contextual theramonial container you may expect with inhalation (Breath of Five).

More often than not, most experiences involve inhaling the vapour of 5-MeO-DMT. In 5 I AM sessions, the medicine is taken intramuscularly. This involves injecting a needle into your body.

This ROA results in a very different experience, with expanded opportunity for our personal and spiritual “work” to be done. The onset is very gradual, the arc to the “journey” is longer, and the re-establishment of the self-identifier has longer legs.

Want more information about how IM is different than inhalation? This is what AI has to say.


For more details about my approach to working with 5 generally, regardless of the ROA, please see the Breath of Five page.


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About chad

Since 2016 I have immersed myself intensively in the world of therapy (psychedelic, somatic), neo-shamanism, psychonautism, naturalistic studies, conferences, congresses, trainings, retreats—all related to bufo alvarius and/or 5-MeO-DMT—as well as associated with an entourage of conscientious peers, mentors, guides, and teachers in this specific field. It has been my self-designed practicum.

Each participant is my teacher.
And I’m being constantly schooled: 900+ individuals have been in this sacred container with me.

Breath is my background.  Conscious connected Breathwork, I soon understood, was my training wheels—my entry-level platform—for working with an experience that is utterly unpredictable, perfectly ineffable, rightfully humbling and exquisitely righteous.

I lean into non-dual teachings, the direct path, the human potential movement, transpersonal psychology, trauma release mechanisms, sensorimotor techniques, and mindfulness practices to bring about a holistic approach to the body, mind, and energy. A glimpse into my approach can be gleaned here.

I confidently offer a solid, safe, secure, and sacred context for the range and consummation of personal healing and mystical experiences. Between each theramony, though, where the work of being human is.

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