Breath of Five Guidance Programme

Here is a basic overview of my proposed flow for this relationship.

I am honoured that you would want to learn from me.

And, I have a lot to offer!


Because this will be a dynamic process with needs shifting and changing throughout, this programme lists the different components that I propose as a means to explore as much of a comprehensive, congruent, and coherent apprenticeship as is possible given circumstances we all face (geographic distance, schedule, etc.). The programme is basically divided into two categories: at-a-distance and in-person. How many times and in what order these components need to be visited will fluctuate according to the dynamic nature of learning and absorbing. Therefore, the flow will be custom-made to reflect best where you’re at in your offering and intention as well as where I’m at in my capacity to be of service to you.
Exchange details are towards the bottom.

Disclaimer: I use the word ‘client’ sometimes even though I don’t like that term. I also use aspirant or participant synonymously and interchangeably.


  • Encrypted messaging: Signal or Wire (I prefer Wire)

  • Encrypted email (for example, Protonmail)

  • Time commitments (TBD)

  • Financial exchange (detailed below)

  • Open heart, open mind

  • A solid knowledge of my approach to this work


I will offer a list of recommended reading, viewing, and listening on a range of topics that will include but not be limited to:

  • Ethics
  • Best Practices
  • Continuing Education
  • Mysticism and non-duality
  • Neo-shamanism
  • ‘Toad’ culture
  • Scientific research
  • Trauma-informed therapies and approaches

These resources are for your own self-study and can be engaged with at your time and pace.

During the course of the apprenticeship, I will also offer the possibility of entering a global collective of peers.

Guidance at a distance 

We may not be able to work in-person. I see one-on-one calls as a core component to how I may be in service and guidance to you.

One-on-one consultation & guidance sessions 

These video/audio sessions are for exploring themes in the source material, for you to ask questions, and eventually for you to construct your own flow based on Best Practices. I envision each call being about an hour. There is no current ideal quantity for these sessions. They may be scheduled or impromptu.

I will support you on your path of facilitation enquiries.

These calls are also ways:

  • to learn something new
  • to broaden your scope of practice
  • to brainstorm approaches
  • to get my perspective on the redress of a grievance
  • to discuss the phenomenology of the experience in order to refine our orientation to it and participants.

All content will be anchored in the Conclave’s Ethical Commitments and Best Practices.


Coming soon: facilitated working groups on presented case studies.

A case study of a past or current ‘client’ is presented to a group (4-6 people). The group is presented with the profile of the client as well as the actions and decisions of the practitioner, i.e., me. Together we will explore how the hive mind would best address the particularities of the client’s experience. This is an excellent way to not only learn from me, but gather various perspectives on the same example.

In person guidance 

As of writing, the government of Canada has its borders closed to all non-citizens and non-residents for non-essential travel. Until further notice, the in-person programme can only be offered to those in Canada.

One-on-one consultation sessions 

These video call or in-person sessions are for debriefing shadowing, exploring themes in the source material, for me to offer feedback, for you to answer/ask questions, and eventually for you to construct your own flow based on Best Practices.

I envision a call being about an hour at a time. There is no current ideal quantity for these sessions. They may be scheduled or impromptu.


Shadow (verb): to accompany and observe especially in a professional setting.

When there are prospective clients / participants where you and I may both be together in-person, I will have you ‘shadow’ the process of discovery (preparation [set], initiation [setting], integration). I will involve you in my sequence and intake with each one, which include preparation calls (Zoom), intake forms, the session itself, and integration calls. Each participant receives up to 5 hours of my time. This would also be your time commitment. The prospective client will be assured that their process will be held in the utmost confidentiality with you involved.

The same applies for shadowing any retreats (3-night weekends). The same sequence applies in the case of retreats, plus group calls before (1) and after (1).


One-on-one B of 5 sessions with me.

These are sessions that, at first, take on the structure and container-setting that I offer clients. You are the participant and I the practitioner.

Sessions then become more exploratory in nature, but always held in the same energetically tight container.

Dyad (and triad) sessions 

Sessions where you and I sit in experimental sessions with the B of 5 together.

Solo sessions 

Your ‘homework’ will be to eventually have multiple solo sessions.


Mirror (verb): to reflect in or as if in a mirror.

Consultation or integration calls 

With the permission of the prospective client, you sit in on and witness the video calls I have scheduled.


Reversed roles. Sessions where you are holding space for me.


Eventually, you will be the one to take on your own participant. At this point, it will be I who shadows you.


Guidance at a distance 

For clients, I ask USD$150 for one-hour consultation (and integration) calls. The same will apply to you.

Here is the schedule. You can schedule them à la carte via PayPal, or consider the following:

I propose a pre-paid package of 5 calls for USD$555. If you’d like to go this route, tell me in advance so I can schedule your calls manually after receiving your one-time transfer.

I am open to payment plans. Simply enquire with a clear proposal.

In person guidance 

For one-on-one B of 5 sessions with me, the same exchange (at the bottom of my sliding scale) I ask of clients will apply, $400 when I am home or $500 when I am travelling to you.

In order for deep learning and absorption to occur while shadowing me, clients will be required. To accelerate your learning with me, I encourage you to actively enquire into your own networks and communities for prospective participants. This way, your learning comes faster, I have work to share with you, and together we catalyse shift in people’s lives.

In other words, shadowing with me requires you to ‘find’ prospective participants. Your time and expenses are your own. This also applies to supervision sessions.

Next steps 

I trust that this programme offers enough of a structure to install trust, a sense of flexibility, and confidence. If we are at a great distance or in-person work is not possible, video/audio consultation calls will be the principle medium of the apprenticeship. I wish for a rich exchange in this new relationship we’ll initiate together. My deepest desire is for service in excellence as we together herald accelerated paths of awakening in our shared, overlapping communities.

Please let me know (by Signal, Wire, or encrypted email) of your concerns, questions, and feedback. You may wish to simply schedule a short call to clarify some things.

I am excited to learn with you.