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About chad

Since 2016 I have immersed myself intensively in the world of therapy (psychedelic, somatic), neo-shamanism, psychonautism, naturalistic studies, conferences, congresses, trainings, retreats—all related to bufo alvarius and/or 5-MeO-DMT—as well as associated with an entourage of conscientious peers, mentors, guides, and teachers in this specific field. It has been my self-designed practicum.

Each participant is my teacher.
And I’m being constantly schooled: 900+ people have taken this breath with me. Many still do on a continual basis.

Breath is my background.  Conscious connected Breathwork, I soon understood, was my training wheels—my entry-level platform—for working with an experience that is utterly unpredictable, perfectly ineffable, rightfully humbling and exquisitely righteous.

I lean into non-dual teachings, the human potential movement, transpersonal psychology, trauma release mechanisms, sensorimotor techniques, and mindfulness practices to bring about a holistic approach to the body, mind, and energy. A glimpse into my approach can be gleaned here.

I confidently offer a solid, safe, secure, and sacred context for anything between personal healing and absolute mystical experiences. Between each session, though, is where the work of the being human is.

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