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Practitioner Guidance Programme

Theme 3 - Initiation (setting)

It’s phenomenal! What’s happening?

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Step 1

Ipsume platea proina laoret vertis sagitt vulput lectus venena portti lacusa semper dolors minim evenie tempor intege.

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Step 1

Semper ipsume intege platea lectus laoret vertis minim evenie sagitt tempor portti venena proina vulput lacusa dolors.

There's More

There's no particular action to be taken here. Yet, the initiation stage is so rich! It's in the session/ceremony/event where our belief systems get stretched, our paradigms get busted and, hopefully, our wonder and awe and curiosity and marvel get stoked and prodded. I leave you here, then, with some material that provokes and inspires, from metaphysics to neuroscience to philosophy. Enjoy!


A short documentary by filmaker and WBAC founder, Mario Garnier

An excerpt from Hamilton Morris' Pharmacopeia where he details the process

The notion of the mystical experience in relation to the molecule

The notion of enlightened states in relation to the molecule

About approaches, orientations, and practical application

A presentation that covers the clinical research available

The neuroscience of the molecule*

A wondrous overview covering many angles

The late James Oroc interviewed about his perspective on facilitation

Module 1 Theme 3

Initiation (setting)

Step 1
  • Creating a safe, solid, sacred & secure container for the work  
  • Ceremony or contextualization
  • Holding space and witnessing
  • Ceremony or contextualization
  • Holding space and witnessing
  • Physical protection & safety of the participant and all present
  • Appropriate boundaries and physical touch
  • Body position & posture, lying down or standing, etc. 
  • Use of music, chant & sound, aroma
  • Dialogue vs. Silence
  • Porous or solidly held containers 
  • Conscious use of breath
  • Total permission to fully express what is necessary & essential
  • Specific Dosing protocols (Bufo/Extracts/Synthetic)
  • Up-to-date valid CPR and First Aid training & Kit
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Practitioner Guidance Programme

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