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I AM retreat

June 2, 2023 - June 10, 2023


This is a retreat for one who is serious on the path of awakening/enlightenment. We’ve taken the best elements from a variety of different modalities together to custom-build this retreat to help facilitate Samadhi and to free oneself of samskaras (conditioned patterns)which bring about identification with the false sense of “I”. Some elements in the schedule include:

  • Self-inquiry: a well-tested methodology using the dyad modality to stimulate a direct experience of your true nature.
  • Noble Silence: The container of silence is a time tested way to orient towards the inner worlds and to avoid activating the conditioned thinking mind.
  • Group Process: There is much value in sharing and learning what others are experiencing on the path, and there is a specific time in the retreat where you will be able to receive clarification and guidance in any areas.
  • Meditation: Every day we have five hours of meditation. This is the foundational practice for realizing your true nature. Meditation and self inquiry are eventually realized to be a singular process of stripping away of illusion.
  • Iboga Microdosing: Iboga has been used for thousands of years in the spiritual traditions of Africa as a way to connect to spirit. Iboga is unique in the world of entheogens and may be the perfect meditation tool; it helps to show us the conditioned patterns of the mind and its activities from a place of awareness as we become more conscious of the deeper levels of mind (the samskaras). Iboga can synergize with your inner energy to help heal mind/body imbalances, neurological disorders and other health issues. It creates optimal conditions for deep purification and rewiring. Participants will be under the supervision of Lilla who is trained in the Bwiti tradition (of Gabon) as an Iboga provider.

In addition, there will be sound healing, breath work (“Elemental Awakening” breathwork facilitated by John Cross), ecstatic dance, and an opportunity for all-night meditation to enter deeper states of meditative absorption. There is also an opportunity to experience the God Molecule, which offers a chance for the deepest letting go and the possibility to “die before you die”.

The retreat has been designed to lead to an experience of the state Samadhi, and we offer the insights and integration tools essential for the deep rewiring and purification of the self structure so that Samadhi becomes a permanent stage of development.


June 2, 2023
June 10, 2023


Samadhi Centre
Bancroft, Ontario Canada + Google Map
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