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Holding space through hell, ecstasy, and beyond

What does that mean?
It means that I’ve got you. It means that you’re held, no matter what.

Held by what? By a solid, grounded pillar of presence around which you may orbit and circle, maybe even untether for a bit….

Why do you, or the space, need to be held?
Because these modalities I am passionate about—breathwork, erotic bodywork, and what I call the Breath of Five—are entry points into spaces that are sometimes wild, sometimes frightful, sometimes beyond your imagination, and certainly towards liberation. These different developmental catalysts, and the way I approach them, have the potential, each in their own way, to transcend the personal, interpersonal, transpersonal aspects of, well, being a person.

Sound exciting?
Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t. I make no promise other than I will commit to reflecting back to you what you’re showing me or how you’re showing up. Even though this is the ‘about me’ section of a website, the thing is, this isn’t about me. This is for you.

I have the presence and integrity to hold you through the peaks and valleys of the human experience—as offered by these 3 different works—with grace, impeccability, curiosity, and love.

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