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A rich exchange: what is the price of a session?

500 is the minimum
650 is the average
750 is preferred
1000+ is contributing to something beyond yourself (see What’s More below)

You are invited to offer what you can within and beyond the numbers above based on accessibility, appreciation, value.

Contact me if it’s difficult to offer the minimum. I am very open to co-creating payment plans.


Contributing more is to not only be a recipient of a sublimely-held mystical experience, it is to become a patron of magic and evolution on a larger scale.

 ♾️ There’s more ♾️

Below are 3 ways your patronage is employed

End of Life Care Project

I have begun a self-designed practicum in applying the Breath of Five to end-of-life care.

The stages of this endeavour are:

– relevant trainings

– a private pilot project

– create a service programme

 Your patronage ensures that I continue to be well-positioned to spearhead this burgeoning field.

Positive Action

In each series in a particular area, I reserve one session to a sponsored person (selected by someone in that community) who would otherwise not be able to access this work. This amounts to upwards of twenty sessions per year.

Your patronage supports my ability to continue to offer these sessions gratis.


My vital energy is currently devoted to scaling up the healing and transformation that these sessions propel by guiding practitioners around the world to offer this work in a similar way.
Similar to the way you experience it with me.
With love, certainly.
Yet with excellence and grace, furthermore.

Your patronage ensures that the

Practitioner Guidance Programme

remains accessible to other practitioners.


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