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Beyond a rich exchange: what does a session cost?

500 is the minimum
650 is the average
750 is preferred
1000+ is contributing to something beyond yourself.

You are invited to share what you can within and beyond the numbers above.

Contact me if it’s difficult to pay the minimum in one payment.

Contact me if what you can share is an investment.


Contributing more is to not only be a recipient of a sublimely-held mystical experience, it is to become a patron of magic and evolution on a larger scale.

 ♾️ There’s more ♾️

 My purpose and calling is to scale up the healing and transformation that these sessions propel by guiding practitioners around the world to offer this work in a similar way.
Similar to the way you experience it with me.
With love, certainly.
Yet with excellence and grace, furthermore.


With a maximum contribution, I can further the healing to more people.

It has already begun.

Password is excellence


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