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create a series in your community

How to create a series in your area

There are certain requirements to be fulfilled for me to go to your area.
I see this as a process that you are catalysing.

You’re a catalyst!

The catalyst (you!) provides:

  • a local network to share the work with (see also what chad provides)

  • suitable location for the work (with amenities such as chairs, mattress, pillows, etc.)

  • accommodation for chad (ideally, the same location)

  • travel arrangements for chad (expenses related to getting to and from)


Minimum registration must be met (deposits and prep calls complete for 9 sessions) 1 full month in advance of proposed arrival.

– Minimum 9 sessions
– Maximum 10 + 1 (session for the host, in exchange for the space).
– Ideally 3/day.

Here is a typical example of a series schedule:
Thurs: 5-8
Fri: 10-1, 1-4, 4-7
Sat: 10-1, 1-4, 4-7
Sun: 10-1, 1-4, 4-7
Mon: 10-1


Creating a series in your area allows you to share this experience in your community and network.

chad provides:

chad reserves the right to refuse a session to anyone for reasons up to his exclusive discretion.

From the time we initiate this agreement to the date of the prospective series, 3-6 months is a typical timeline.


If minimum amount of registrations is not met one full month before date of arrival, chad will cancel.

If you as the catalyst/host cancel within one full month of date of arrival, you are responsible to cover the amount of the deposits received up until that point.

application flow


Make sure you have all the requirements to host a series


Fill out this form or schedule a 15 minute free discovery call.


“Nothing short of transformational and a gift that I have been seeking my whole life.”


“Chad is very professional, respectful, loving, present and thoughtful in his coordination and facilitation of the retreat. I highly recommend trusting him with your journey.”

“I love how Chad’s approach works. His approach leading to the journey was exactly what/how I needed it to be.”

“Thank you for the work that you do. As I always tell you, I highly benefited and continue to benefit from your phenomenal work. This has totally changed my entire life!”

“I have had the pleasure to attend a full weekend retreat with Chad in 2018. [This event was] crucial to my well being and allowing my full self to emerge and stay. I am still amazed by the ongoing results I receive, as God is everywhere and continues to guide me daily. God bless you all and thank you Chad for guiding me so well through these journeys of resurrection and pure cleansing. This has been and will continue to serve me as I go forward.”

“[chad] is one of the most incredibly grounded and present persons I’ve ever encountered. This definitely helps to create a feeling of complete safety going into such an extreme and vulnerable experience.”

“I am filled with love for you and for your work.

Here are some of the manifestations:

I consciously breathe regularly, I take moments to be, and feel oneness. I hug often. My life is forever changed and I’m so so grateful and I love the path that is unfolding for me.”