Case Studies 1

Practitioner Guidance Programme

An interactive virtual shadowing

featuring these focuses of study:

challenging initiation


real-time integration

mediation and validation

intervention choices in disocciative states

preparation/mindset considerations

group dynamics with couples

video presentation of the Case Studies (2 minutes)


Practitioners of any experience level who:

  • value peer networks and ongoing supervision, be it collective or one-on-one

  • want to brainstorm and problem-solve in a supportive, curated environment

  • see Best Practices and Ethical Commitments as guiding lights to inform their offering

  • value cohort networks and ongoing reflection from peers

  • want to learn more and continually evolve

  • continue to allow themselves to be impacted

  • wish to align their skillsets from their other honed offerings with the uniqueness of the God molecule


  • examining case studies provides answers to question marks

  • working together with other practitioners creates a hive mind

  • practitioners don’t always have access to mentors, a cohort, or other means of supervision

  • because you want this experience to be offered with excellence

  • because this experience is unique and deserves a specified understanding and approach

  • because we never stop learning

when &

  • Case Studies 1 starting September, 2021 (limited capacity to 9 practitioners; link to reserve your place below via Stripe)

  • Calls are 2.5 hours in duration. Dates to reserve:

    • Sept 16th | 1PM EDT North America | OPENING CALL
    • Sept 21st| 4:30PM EDT North America
    • Sept 29th | 4:30PM EDT North America
    • Oct 5th | 4:30PM EDT North America


what is required?

  • willingness to collaborate and associate with an expanded cohort

  • commitment: 4-6 hours of your devoted attention per week for 3 weeks

  • an excellent internet connection

  • an open heart


  • completion of Foundations Module; or

  • attendance of a regional practitioner gathering or IMPACT gathering; or

  • Conclave membership; or

  • care-full consideration based on many factors. Simply apply and we’ll go from there



what is included?

  • 3 case studies presented by chad online

  • Participants will work and collaborate together in 3 small group calls (in small self-organised groups of 2-3)

  • Full Group Cohort facilitated Zoom sessions

  • 1 one-on-one call with chad

ready to participate?

  • Case Studies 1 of the Guidance Programme is USD $987 paid in full

  • Payment plans of $555 now and 2 x $278 monthly for $1111
  • Pricing for couples available (please enquire)

  • Please note that Case Studies 1 can be taken at the same time as Foundations
  • if you’re unsure about prerequisite, scroll down to access the application form

what’s more?

Foundations Module will run Sept 14th – Oct 19th 2021

the guide

I have the depth of character and breadth of experience to offer you guidance that is supportive while challenging, full yet spacious, personable yet professional, encouraging yet humbling.


The password to the Breath of Five page is ‘one’

I call what I’m offering here ‘guidance’ because that is accurate and honest. I am teaching, sharing, conveying my knowledge and experience, providing direction, answering questions, and facilitating dialogue.

Mentorship, to me, can’t be offered online. The in-person modules Advanced Shadowing and the Gathering of Guides is where we can enter ‘mentorship territory’.

This programme is what I wished for when I began this work as a practitioner. It remains my wish today. And it can’t be done without you.

And so, it is for us.

application flow


Reserve your spot by sending a deposit with PayPal


Fill out the application form (30-45 mins)

(not needed for those who have completed Foundations)


[I want to] acknowledge the incredible vulnerability it took for [chad] to offer this up for investigation.



In the words of previous case study participants, a case study offers:

“…much self reflection about what I would want to accomplish in a case like this.”

“…[a] full scope of a client experience; the snags we can encounter during a session….”

“…[a way to] to meet other practitioners. It is always nice to observe and learn from the experiences of others. It allows me to expand my practice in a much quicker and efficient way.” .

I thought this module was awesome, and I thank you again for providing this valuable material.



I’m impressed and inspired by Chad’s vulnerability in sharing these cases and his willingness to humbly receive criticism for the sake of others learning benefit (and his).
Thank you! I love you!



[Meeting other practitioners] has been the best part of all of this. Because we are all connecting through your trusted presence, there seems to be an immediate trust and openness among us which is meaningful and valuable.




“Responsible 5-MeO-DMT Facilitation: Grounding the God Molecule”

35-minute presentation at the 2020 Spirit Plant Medicine Conference

Podcast with Martin Ball

one-hour interview

“Building Best Practices In The Underground Subculture Of 5-MeO-DMT”

two-hour interview

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