Practitioner Guidance Programme

Speaker Series 2

Collective learning with notable figures

featuring these focuses of study:

Contraindications & drug interactions

Nonduality | Singularity

Submission vs. Surrender

Transhumanism and 5’s role

Group and retreat work

Offering to couples | Offering as a couple

video presentation of the Speaker Series (2 minutes)

who is this for?

Established practitioners who:

  • value cohort networks and ongoing reflection from peers

  • see Best Practices and Ethical Commitments as guiding lights to inform their offering

  • want to learn more and continually evolve

  • continue to allow themselves to be impacted

  • wish to align their skillsets from their other honed offerings with the uniqueness of the God molecule

  • are curious about how other practitioners work


Rak Razam

Rak Razam is an alchemical storyteller with his finger on the pulse of tomorrow and the heart of today. A screenwriter, documentary film maker, author, journalist and culture maker, his focus is on the new cultural paradigm birthing in this brave new world.

Ben Malcolm

Dr. Ben Malcolm is a doctor of pharmacy, master of public health, and Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist. He provides consultation services, courses focused on psychedelic healing and pharmacology, as well as a monthly membership program.

Marcus & Geffen

Marcus has been a student and guide of ceremonial entheogens for three decades. His early work began as a facilitator with the Attitudinal Healing Center assisting children, adults, and care givers facing end-of-life concerns and challenging emotional states.

Geffen holds a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a focus on somatic release and tension relief. Her professional life has evolved from orthopedic manual therapy to providing multidisciplinary somatic counseling.

when &

  • Starting Oct 29th, 2021, ending Nov 18th

Opening call (1.5 hours):

  • Oct 29th, 1PM EDT North America | 7PM CEDT Europe

Speaker calls (2.5 hours):

  • Nov 2nd, 3PM EDT North America | 8PM CEDT Europe

  • Nov 9th, 1PM EST North America | 7PM CET Europe

  • Nov 16th, 1PM EST North America | 7PM CET Europe

Group calls (2.5 hours)

  • Nov 4th, 1PM EDT North America | 6PM CET Europe

  • Nov 11th, 1PM EST North America | 7PM CET Europe

  • Nov 18th, 1PM EST North America | 7PM CET Europe

what is required?

  • equanimity: a balance of humility and dignity

  • curiosity and a beginner’s mind

  • commitment: 5-6 hours of your devoted attention per week for 4 weeks

  • an excellent internet connection

  • an open heart


  • completion of the Foundations Module; or

  • attendance of a regional practitioner gathering or IMPACT gathering; or

  • Conclave Members; or

  • care-full consideration based on many factors. Simply apply and we’ll go from there

what is included?

  • A private/exclusive audience: live interview between each speaker and chad followed by a Q & A period

  • 5Hive mind: 3 post-speaker debriefing group calls facilitated by chad

  • Self-guided/paced and ‘focus of study’ material throughout the Module

ready to participate?

  • Speaker Series 2 of the Guidance Programme is USD $610

  • Pricing for couples available

  • Are you ready to commit?

  • Click “I’M IN” now to register. Please note that Speaker Series 2 is limited to 9 practitioners

  • Spots will be awarded in the order in which deposits are received

  • Registration deadline October 24th

what’s more?

the guide

I have the depth of character and breadth of experience to offer you guidance that is supportive while challenging, full yet spacious, personable yet professional, encouraging yet humbling.

The password to the Breath of Five page is ‘one’

I call what I’m offering here ‘guidance’ because that is accurate and honest. I am teaching, sharing, conveying my knowledge and experience, providing direction, answering questions, and facilitating dialogue.

Mentorship, to me, can’t be offered online. The in-person modules Advanced Shadowing and the Gathering of Guides is where we can enter ‘mentorship territory’.

This programme is what I wished for when I began this work as a practitioner. It remains my wish today. And it can’t be done without you. And so, it is for us.

application flow


Register by paying your tuition with Stripe

This Module is limited to 9 practitioners

Registration deadline October 24th


Fill out the application form (30-45 mins)

Not required if you have completed Foundations Module

Foundations Module begins on Sept 14th


This module was very impactful to my practice. I loved hearing from live experts/ known voices in this field and the varied perspectives showed how much this medicine can do, in the hands of a skilled guide.


I like the format, to have enough of time to digest the experience was great [and yet] not too much time to get lost in the world spinning around. It keeps the thread alive enough and not overwhelming…



I enjoyed meeting speakers with unique perspectives on this substance, and especially that a woman was included. This space is so heavily dominated by white men that I am always relieved with another viewpoint is available.



I came across a podcast interview of Chad while initially researching 5-MeO-DMT. Now here was someone rare in this space, I thought: humble, intelligent, and grounded. He spoke about how he had learned from other practitioners, and that he is dedicated to sustaining a caring community of other practitioners who can share what they are learning. This openness immediately appealed to me. Eventually I managed to speak to him and ultimately entered into a mentor/mentee partnership. Although I had already taken a one-day workshop elsewhere, had read The Conclave’s guidelines and other psychedelic guides, and attempted to apply what I knew from my own contemplative practices to my practitioner services, Chad was able to guide me toward a greater confidence and finesse in my approach to serving the molecule. Using a pointed yet sensitive approach, he led me to understand my “whys” while not proscribing his, and also provided me with much needed practical advice.




“Responsible 5-MeO-DMT Facilitation: Grounding the God Molecule”

35-minute presentation at the 2020 Spirit Plant Medicine Conference

Podcast with Martin Ball

one-hour interview

“Building Best Practices In The Underground Subculture Of 5-MeO-DMT”

two-hour interview