Practitioner Guidance Programme

Guidance to bolster your ability to respond to the call to serve:

response-able practice =

excellent service to the One in each of Us

video presentation of Gathering of Guides

(3 minutes)

who is this for?

Practitioners who want to:

  • Refine their understanding of the experience

  • Receive mentorship and direct guidance

  • Practice their skills

what is it?

  • A deep dive into peer-lead supervision and shadowing:

  • 4 different participants in 4 sessions: 2 as lead, 2 as co-lead

  • Daily facilitated cohort debriefing

  • A practicum held in a container of facilitated peer-oriented support

  • This is a rare occasion to dynamically hone your practice with a global cohort

    An opportunity to

  • Be seen in your practice by other conscientious practitioners

  • Observe and supervise other practitioner approaches

  • Unpack 20 processes collectively with chad

when &

  • Location: Las Lomas, Nayarit, Mexico

  • Arrive before 5PM December 9th

  • Depart noon December 13th

what is required?

  • Having participated in at least one other module

  • An open mind and heart

  • Capacity to receive feedback from peers

  • A desire to collaborate with another practitioner

  • Fluency in Spanish a major bonus!

  • An empty delivery device (chad will fill it when you arrive)

what is included?

  • all food, lodging, medicine, transportation from/to PVR

ready to participate?

  • Gathering of Guides of the Guidance Programme is USD $1111

  • Are you ready to commit?

what's more?

application flow


Sign up by paying your tuition with Stripe

Registration deadline Nov 9th


Fill out the application form (30-45 mins)


I came across a podcast interview of Chad while initially researching 5-MeO-DMT. Now here was someone rare in this space, I thought: humble, intelligent, and grounded. He spoke about how he had learned from other practitioners, and that he is dedicated to sustaining a caring community of other practitioners who can share what they are learning. This openness immediately appealed to me. Eventually I managed to speak to him and ultimately entered into a mentor/mentee partnership. Although I had already taken a one-day workshop elsewhere, had read The Conclave's guidelines and other psychedelic guides, and attempted to apply what I knew from my own contemplative practices to my practitioner services, Chad was able to guide me toward a greater confidence and finesse in my approach to serving the molecule. Using a pointed yet sensitive approach, he led me to understand my “whys” while not proscribing his, and also provided me with much needed practical advice.

Maia Lee

California, USA