May and December | 2023



collective learning

peer shadowing and supervision

cohort bonding


video presentation of Gathering of (5) Guides (2021)

(3 minutes)

who is this for?

Practitioners of any experience level who want to:

  • Refine and expand their understanding of the experience they offer

  • Receive counsel and direct guidance

  • Practise their skills

  • geek out on preparation, initiation, and integration approaches and styles

what is it?

  • A deep dive into peer-lead consultation

  • 4 sessions, each with a new client: you will lead for two and co-lead for two

  • Daily facilitated cohort debriefing

  • A practicum held in a container of facilitated peer-oriented support

  • This is a rare occasion to dynamically hone your practice with an expanding cohort

  • Be seen in your practice by other conscientious practitioners

  • Observe and supervise other practitioner approaches

  • Unpack up to 16 processes collectively with chad

when &

  • Location: Las Lomas, Nayarit, Mexico (nearest airport: PVR; nearest town, San Pancho)

  • Arrive before 4PM Thursday _____

  • Depart early afternoon Tuesday _______

Recommendation: arrange your travel so you arrive at PVR on Wednesday at the latest. Your responsibility to get to the location on Thursday from wherever you are in the region.

Precise details given upon registration/payment.

what is required?

  • participate in either of the Conclave or Salon 5 collectives

  • An open mind and heart

  • Capacity to receive/give feedback from/to peers

  • A desire to collaborate closely with 4 other practitioners

  • An empty delivery device (it will be filled it when you arrive)

  • excellent virtual scheduling and organising skills

  • during a 1 month period prior to the Gathering: 5-7 hours of your time to connect with your co-practitioner(s) as well as engage prospective clients (provided to you) in your Preparation procedures (intake forms, calls, etc.)

  • during a 2-3 week period after: 5-7 hours of your time to connect with your 3 co-practitioners as well as engage the clients (provided to you) in your Integration procedures (calls, assignments, etc.)

  • Group call with all confirmed practitioners by a particular date 4-6 weeks prior to the Gathering

  • Group call with all practitioners by a particular date 3-6 weeks after the Gathering

what is included?

  • all food, lodging, and medicine

ready to participate?

  • Gathering of (5) Guides is USD $1400

  • Registration deadline _____


The knowledge, confidence and experience I’ve gained is unprecedented. It’s a full scope, advanced study retreat.


The thing I really loved about this program was the level of practitioner that was really being called forth. It really was about doing our best being our best being our best self.


I came into this experience without any expectations and suffice to say I was blown away by the amount of knowledge and experience I've gained. Also, the heart connections made are lifelong bonds.


The feedback, questions, insights we shared at the end of each day were extremely rich and invaluable.


This event was more than I expected! Though very exhausting the second eve I appreciated the opportunity to talk about subjects that I normally don't have the opportunity to.


I think that as practitioners at that point in the retreat we were so bonded with each other that we were able to work synergistically. I felt very connected when we were in our group. I think that the participants could feel that.

what's more?

application flow


Send your 50% deposit of USD$700 to via PayPal

Please be sure to send it via "someone you trust" or "friends & family"

Please be sure to send it so that it is received in USD

Registration deadline : September 1st, 2023

Deposits will be 100% returned if cancellation is made before September 1st, 2023. Deposits will be 100% kept if cancellation occurs after September 1st 2023

The balance is to be paid in cash (MEX or USD) at the gathering on the first day


Fill out the application form (30-45 mins)

~ if you have not done so before  ~

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to get there and back?

The amount of detail that differs from one political jurisdiction to another is immense. You are and will be responsible for all travel-related obligations that are upon you based on your needs. This includes knowing what is required of you for tests and immunisations for departing from where you are departing as well as your onward travel after the event. 

Tests for those going to Canada and the USA after the event are available at the airport (PVR). We will provide those details upon registration.

What if something happens and I can’t get to the location?

There will be no refund for those who cannot come due to lack of diligence regarding what they need to travel. Changes happen quickly in this era and so where a new government policy (after registration) has significantly impaired your ability to attend once registered will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. 

Will vaccination or a negative test be required to attend the Gathering?

No. Everyone who intends on attending will be required to agree to sharing the risk of being exposed to COVID-19. This means that there will be no safeguard around the exposure to the virus apart from basic sanitary measures, such as distancing and sterilising.

What if I decide not to attend after I registered (regardless of the reason)?

If you cancel before November 15th, I will hold 50% of your payment.

If you cancel after November 15th, I will hold 100% of your deposit.

Please note that as of October 21st, there is no COVID-19-related requirement for entry into Mexico for any traveller into the country by air, citizen or not. This does not mean that there are no related requirements for your departure from or re-entry to your country of origin.

Here are some starting points for gathering information.





Is this indoors or outdoors?

The property hosts a collection of individual open-air bungalows. All bungalows as well as the kitchen are open-air structures. This includes where you will sleep as well as where you will perform sessions.

Will I have my own place to stay and sleep?

No. Practitioners will be in a bungalow with minimum one other. You will have your own bed (see photos on this page)

How do I get there?

It is recommended to fly to PVR no later than the day prior to the event and take advantage of acclimatising a night somewhere in the region (recommended: Sayulita or San Pancho). You will be given coordinates to arrive their on your own or with a self-organised group by a certain time

What if I am already in Mexico?

You will be given coordinates to arrive their on your own or with a self-organised group by a certain time


Do I bring my own medicine?

No. You bring your delivery device only. All you will need for your sessions will be provided for you. We will discuss which medicine you need on our live call.

How will my dietary restrictions/preferences be met?

The caterer will be providing a foundational vegan menu. Once registration is complete we can then discuss other arrangements.

Who are the clients?

The ‘clients’ are people, citizens of Mexico or not, who live in the nearby community. They have been sourced via our organiser on the ground. You will be paired with the clients (based on many considerations) before the 2-3 week period you'll be organising/scheduling preparation calls. Each client presented to you:

-has agreed to the time commitments 

-has paid a deposit for their session which is reimbursed ONLY after the event

-has agreed to the shared risk of exposure to COVID-19

Can I invite my partner to participate as a client?

No. Romantic partners of practitioners will not be participating in any way in the event. Priority will be given to (English-speaking) members of the local community.

What is the schedule?

We will discuss the Gathering’s flow in the practitioner group call _____PM ET (North America).

What is the intake/admission procedure for the clients?

That depends on you! This event is an opportunity for you to develop and/or refine all the stages of your offering. As lead for two clients, you will take each of them (and your co-lead) through your own intake process. As co-lead for two clients, you will shadow the intake process of your co-practitioner. There will be a period (2-3 weeks) in which you are required to commit the necessary time: