Practitioner Guidance

Super. Vision.

Seeing your offering through an additional lens.

A collaborative supervision series that provides mentees the opportunity to have chad oversee their offering from start to finish. The series (10 sessions) is initiated by the mentee no less than 2-3 months in advance of targeted timeline. Chad is in the role of shadower as the mentee initiates and executes their offering as usual or in a new/different context. Both chad and the mentee engage in direct, real-time debriefing throughout the series. There is a maximum of two mentees per series, if there are co-practitioners working together.

I call most of what I have to share “guidance” because that is accurate and honest. I am teaching, sharing, conveying my knowledge and experience, providing direction, answering questions, and facilitating dialogue.

Apprenticeship and mentorship, to me, can’t be offered online. The in-person Advanced Shadowing and the Gathering of (5) Guides is where we can enter apprenticeship or mentorship ‘territory’, combined with an ongoing one-on-one relationship.

What is also honest is that this is not “training”. Training, to me, is instructing you to operate in a specific way. At this moment, that’s not what this is.

Guidance is what I wished for when I began this work as a practitioner. It remains my wish today. I don’t have all the answers, but I believe that together we can guide our entire community of practice towards excellence.



  • who are currently and actively in a working relationship with chad via one-on-one guidance sessions

  • interested in learning from an experienced and established guide

  • of any orientation (shamanic, therapeutic, clinical, etc.)

  • interested in exploring Best Practices and Ethical Codes

  • will witness multiple experiences in a short time

  • will begin ongoing relationships with new participants and/or their assistants/apprentices


  • to gain ‘know-how

  • to have a very intimate window into an established therapeutic practice

  • to deepen your own understanding and perspective on your own offering as well as the experience itself


Below you’ll see the link to fill out the form and schedule a call. These two steps will get the ball rolling.

mentee provides

  • a local network to share the work with

  • suitable location for the work (with amenities such as chairs, mattress, pillows, etc.)

  • accommodation for chad (ideally, the same location)

  • travel arrangements for chad (all expenses related to getting to and from, ie flights, taxis, hotels, etc.)

chad provides

  • information and automated registration via password-protected web page

  • medicine

  • a full day of debriefing and experiential gratitude

  • chad reserves the right to refuse a session to anyone for reasons up to his exclusive discretion.

mentee requirements

  • Collaborating with chad to establish a schedule for preparation/admission (reading intake forms and 30-minute call) as well as post-session calls (45-60 minutes). This is potentially between 5 and 6 hours per participant.

  • Mentee reads all intake forms and is present for each call

  • Present for each session (some small menial assistance required)

  • Minimum 8 sessions | Maximum 10 + 1 (session for the host, in exchange for the space). Ideally 3/day. For example: Fri: 10-7, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-7

  • Minimum registration must be met (deposits and prep calls complete) 1 full month in advance of arrival



Schedule a call so that we can co-create!!!


Fill out this form to help know what you need to establish and provide for this endeavour to happen.


I DEFINITELY recommend doing this with Chad if you can.

We shared an amazing weekend together, and learned SO much. Chad has a very pragmatic and gentle practice, and the opportunity to shadow him with several clients, from preparation through integration, and observe the pure presence that he brings to his container was simply invaluable. Obviously, not everything about this work can be taught, but much more can be conveyed in person than through Zoom and the online modules.

Making this experience happen took some commitment. Figuring out the logistics and planning required quite a bit of time and energy between us […] with back and forth messaging to confirm scheduling, etc.

I feel it was well worth the effort!  Not only did I learn a lot, my cup was filled, as it felt like a little retreat, spending lots of time resting in loving presence in the medicine space and getting to connect with each other!

“I felt like our collaboration went extremely smoothly and was well executed overall – like you had already done this several times before.”

We can learn a lot through intellectual study and reflection, but it doesn’t compare to what’s available with the in person shadowing/ lived experience. I really appreciated being in the space with no specific responsibilities, simply being able to witness and absorb what ever unfolded. This was a true gift for me. Being present for the entire process–from the prep calls, through initiation to the integration calls–was key.

Chad’s level of experience and excellence in his offering and unique style is clear. There are some specific changes I have made to my offering process, based off what I have absorbed. For any practitioners thinking about doing this, I believe it’s well worth the effort. I highly recommend it!


The Entheogenic Evolution podcast with Martin Ball

chad has a conversation with Martin Ball (one hour)