October 29th breathwork fundraiser for Serah

October 29th, 2020

7PM to 9:30PM EST / North America

breathwork experience by donation for Serah Goldberg

This isn’t yoga
This isn’t therapy
This isn’t meditation
This doesn’t come from a plant
This is a numinous experience with your breath!

You will be very happy if you have with you:

  • mat or mattress (you’ll be laying on your back for one hour)
  • blanket(s) or cushion(s)
  • water
  • loose, cosy clothing
  • eye mask (optional)
  • journal or sketchbook (optional)

Think ‘nest’ and comfortable!

Please feel comfortable in bringing any objects that accompany you on your journeying.

Ce que je suggère aux participant.e.s d’apporter :

  • un tapis ou petit matelas (vous serez allongé.e sur le dos pendant une heure)
  • une couverture (ou deux)
  • un coussin
  • une bouteille d’eau
  • un bandeau pour les yeux (optionnel, pour ceux qui aiment voyager dans le noir)
  • des objets précieux qui accompagnent vos voyages (optionnel)

In support of immunity, resilience and community
An online breathwork experience by donation for Serah Goldberg

Hello breathers!

By now you may have explored the multitude of online breathwork offerings that are out there.
Here is another one. This one is in support of a fellow healer whose immune system is drastically compromised—now exacerbated during this time of pandemic.

Confinement and isolation is nothing new to my sister-in-breath Serah Ruth Goldberg.
For two years she has been undergoing medical treatment after being diagnosed with complex chronic Lyme disease. Since then, more complications have arisen. Currently, she awaits a disability court date and her community is supporting her the best we can.

Over the last two years I have offered Breath ceremonies in Toronto, where she resides. Since I can’t do that right now, this is moving online.

Your donation will go directly to Serah. Whether you know or not, this is a call and prayer for us all to share our breath for ourselves and for each other.

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