online breathwork experience

March 17 2024


$45 USD

online breathwork experience

This isn’t yoga
This isn’t therapy
This isn’t meditation
This doesn’t come from a plant
This is a numinous experience with your breath!

This online group session is a virtual space of self-exploration and well-being. Together, we co-create a virtual energetic container in which you have your unique experience. Your breath is your guide. To music, for one hour, the group breathes together at the same time, each in their own way, and we build an energy that brings each individual into the collective. After the process, we close the container, some may share their personal experiences to an extent that feels comfortable.

“The breathwork that Chad offers is very complimentary for one’s journey on the pathless path. There is a balance between doing and non-doing that seems to lead one naturally but inexorably to non-dual states, accelerating an inner purification.”

Daniel Schmidt – Founder of Awaken The World and Samadhi Meditation Centre | meditation and self-inquiry teacher | film maker

These online breath experiences are being offered in conjunction with–and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to–the Awaken the World Initiative.

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