effing the ineffable

the ineffable

Having a Breath of Five session is important and significant!

Whether you are having your first session or have been having sessions regularly, these video responses to common questions may serve to quell those curiosities that arise.


bite-size excerpts from a series of webinars from 2020

How can we grow with these sessions?

What is that desire?

How can we grow with these sessions?

Transcendence vs. dissociation

intention vs. attention

Is this substance required to have a direct experience of singularity?

How do we lighten life’s load?

How do I integrate this experience?

When is the right time to have this experience?

What’s the difference between this and other DMTs?

What about vape pens?

How do I get over the fear?

What percentage of participants have the peak experience?

What if I can’t ‘let go’?

How can this release trauma?

I don’t remember my experience!

A practice in Dying

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