inspired being

“All you need to do is breathe. The teachings will come. Immerse yourself. There may not be a certificate at the end, but not everyone taking a plane needs to learn how to be the pilot.”

inspire: (1) fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative ; (2) inhale

Je dis en français : «laissez-vous être inspirés».

A direct translation may be “Let yourself be inspired.” This play on words doesn’t have the same affect in English. Even though ‘to inspire’ has the same meanings, English-speakers rarely use it that way, it would be better said “Let yourself be breathed.”


Teacher in Training

I get asked this a lot : Do you train other facilitators?
My answer is: no, not now.

My reason has many parts. The main part is that it is not, at this moment, my highest calling. Yes, I have, by now, 6+ years experience with a sample size of 2000+ participants in small group contexts. And I LOVE sharing my learnings with the breath, whether in a personalised therapeutic sessions, initiatory discoveries in group ceremonies, or ceremonies with teachings in the Immersion (retreat) context. But training others to be facilitators? Not now. I’m still learning myself.

I imagine that if I had poured as much energy, time, and resources into my breathwork practise in the last 3-4 years as I had other work, maybe I’d have developed a training programme, or been more involved with the International Breathwork Foundation, or maybe have written a book like Dan Brulé and Giten Tonkov (which are great, by the way). No, I haven’t yet contributed to the breathwork world in these ways. My focus has been on my other passion and sense of right livelihood, what I call the Breath of Five. Nevertheless, conscious connected breathwork has always been at the core of all my lessons and continues to be the core of all my teachings. Indeed, as I embody the breath-as-medicine, I am able to translate and transmit how the breath is the ultimate teacher.

And so I have let the breath inform, infuse, and influence everything I offer. The primordial nature of this modality is inspiration enough. Because it is practically synonymous with life itself, the breath doesn’t have a trademark: Essence, Transformational, Biodynamic, Holotropic, Clarity, Rebirthing….

I AM the breath.
You are the breath, too.
And it needn’t have a name.

Embodiment and continual offerings, both in individual therapeutic contexts as well as ceremonial, are my contribution to the world of breath work. I have been inspired by and I bow to the teachers and leaders who have taken charge of training other teachers. Teacher and trainer need not be the same thing, however. I pay tribute to those from whom I have learned by continuing to breathe others. That continuation is my contribution.

I’m a tributary. This is how I currently teach.

All you need to do is breathe. The teachings will come. Immerse yourself. There may not be a certificate at the end, but not everyone taking a plane needs to learn how to be the pilot.

Enjoy the ride.

Let it take you to your destination.

Let yourself be breathed.





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